v5.26, released 14th June 2012
·Optimized and minimized code
·Design fixes
·Few small bugs fixed
(beta) , released 15th December 2010
·Detail message model fixed
·Design fixes
·Optic disc support fixed
·Optimized threading
·Several parts minimized
·Path saving
·Logging fixes
·Ini loading fixed
(alpha) , released 28th June 2010
·Init managment fixed
·Logging fixed
·Optic disc detection fixed
·Links repaired
·Wildcards support reimplemented
·Medium check fixed
·Allocation errors fixed
·New progress bar
·Many design fixes
·Written bytes check rewritten
·Maximal number of errors system
·New data rescue model
v4.73, released 8th December 2011
·Minor bugs fixed
v4.72, released 28th June 2010
·Bugs fixed
v4.71, released 2nd November 2009
·Optimized init
·Design and other little bugs fixed
v4.70, released 26th October 2009
·Optimized init
v4.69, released 9th September 2009
·Design fixed
v4.68, released 11th August 2009
·Design and other bugs fixed
v4.66, released 15th April 2009
·Destiny folder setup
·Design changes
·User pause fixed
·Optimized init
v4.61, released 2nd December 2008
·Enable disable browse buttons bugs fixed
·Optimized code
v4.60, released 18th November 2008
·Optimized init
v4.59, released 7th October 2008
·Optimized code
·Close application after copy feature
·Design changes
·Some minor fixes
v4.55, released 18th May 2008
·Init fixed
·Design changes
·Some new useful checkboxes
·Default setup adjusted
·Minor bugs fixed
v4.52, released 18th March 2008
·Minor bugs fixed
v4.51, released 21st February 2008
·Bug causing freeze after user pause fixed
·User stop problems sloved
·Minor bugs fixed
·Optimized code
·Skip files fixed
·Design fix
v4.42, released 12th December 2007
·Design and bugs fix
v4.41, released 7th November 2007
·Logging bugs fixed
·User process stop fixed
·Progress bar problems fixed
·Other small bugs fixed
v4.39, released 17th October 2007
·Design changes
·Logging fixed
·Version outdate detect rewritten
·Window start position problem solved
(beta) , released 26th September 2007
·Optimized code
·Wildcards problems fixed
·Logging settings fixed
·Some new copy methods implemented
·Log file design fix
·Pretty new progress bar
·Lost window focus bug fixed
·Links hint in log file problem fixed
(beta) , released 21st August 2007
·Code clean up and optimalization
·Result window system revised
·Some new settings
·Design changes
·Bugs fixed
(beta) , released 17th July 2007
·Few design changes
·Minor code changes
·Bugs fixed
(beta) , released 27th June 2007
·File attributes processing implemented
·Pause and or stop running copy process enabled
·Process start speed up
·Design changes
·Some log problems solved
·Others mall code repairs
·Bugs fixed
(alpha) , released 23rd May 2007
·Many parts of code completly rewritten
·Really enormous acceleration of algorithm
·Faster and more efficient data rescue model
·Improved compatibility
v3.75, released 26th September 2007
·Optimized and minimized code
v3.73, released 21st August 2007
·Main algorithm enhancement
·Startup fixed
v3.71, released 18th July 2007
·Some minor design and code changes
v3.68, released 27th June 2007
·Logging bug fix
v3.66, released 23rd May 2007
·Small code repair
·Log design corrections
v3.65, released 24th April 2007
·Main algorithm enhancement
·Minor bugs fixed
v3.63, released 28th March 2007
·Some little design and logging changes
·Small algorithm repair
v3.61, released 7th March 2007
·Some design changes
·Many new features for ini file
·Algorithm enhancements
·Incorrect window title fixed
·Checkbox bugs fixed
·Log incorrect lines fixed
·Remember last job feature implemented correctly
·Fixed default settings
·Some other minor bugs fixed
v3.52, released 17th December 2006
·Minimized code
·Damaged ini bug fixed
·Dates and times bugs fixed
·Design changes
·Log design changes
v3.47, released 30th November 2006
·Design changes
·Log bugs fixed
v3.46, released 26th November 2006
·Design changes
·Log enhancements
·Data access fixed
·Other minor bugs fixed
v3.44, released 5th November 2006
·Algorithm enhancements
·Logging enhancements including user defined log file name
·Some design changes
·Many print bugs fixed
·Damaged log bug fixed
v3.43, released 22nd October 2006
·Disabling window bugs fixed
·Design changes
v3.41, released 3rd October 2006
·Minimized and Optimized code
·Some algorithm enchancement
·Little design changes
v3.39, released 17th September 2006
·Minimized code
·Log design changes
·Interface design changes
·Setting bugs fixed
v3.33, released 4th August 2006
·Design changes
·Log messages bugs fixed
(beta) , released 31st July 2006
·Window refresh bugs fixed
·Some algorithm enchancement
·Little design changes
(beta) , released 27th July 2006
·Logging enhancements
·Fonts creation bugs fixed
·Some print details bugs fixed
·Design changes
·Some log bugs fixed
(beta) , released 16th July 2006
·Whole code rewritten
v2.67, released 8th December 2005
·Optimized code
v2.58, released 14th October 2005
·Bugs fixed
·Minimized code
·Manual fixed
v2.49, released 8th July 2005
·Faster copying
·File attribute logging
v2.48, released 24th May 2005
·Fixed output
·Bugs fixed
·Manual design
v2.45, released 23rd March 2005
·Minimized and optimized code
·File details logging
·Many new options in ini file
·Logging bugs fixed
·Input bugs fixed

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