v1.98, released 16th February 2012
·Profile bug fixed
·File rename issues fixed
·Window refresh fixed
·Design fixed
v1.93, released 14th July 2010
·Window refresh fixed
·Profile managment fixed
·Many design bugs fixed
v1.86, released 7th September 2009
·Profile for manage custom settings
·File name cut fixed and enhanced
·Edit box input bug fixed
·Inscriptions fixed
·Hints fixed
·Design fixed
·Other small bugs fixed
·Optimized code
v1.71, released 19th May 2009
·Design changes
·Bugs fixed
·Tab key select correct
·Checkboxes fixed
v1.63, released 7th October 2008
·Design changes
·File name size control feature
·Upper or lower case file name conversions
·Postfix edit fixed
·Disable and enable button bugs fixed
·Minimized and optimized code
v1.44, released 14th November 2007
·Almost whole code rewritten
·More compatible application
·Faster code
·File name editing: add prefix, suffix, postfix
·Some attribute accept bugs fixed
·Design changes
v1.12, released 23rd May 2007
·Minimalized code
·Design corrected
v1.10, released 30th November 2006
·Minimalized and optimalized code
v1.09, released 22nd October 2006
·Minimalized code
·Design changes

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