27th March 2013
·Update for bitTerGrape to 0.03.6 for free available here.
·Second alpha of Crumbs released.
26th November 2012
·Update for bitTerGrape for free available here.
·New product called Crumbs - an utility to search and destroy useless files - first alpha version released.
20th September 2012
·Third alpha of Rumie is out, check it, download it free here.
14th June 2012
·Update for bitTerGrape to v0.03.3 released, download it free here.
·Final release of encopy v5.26 is out at last, plus new alpha v6.01 as well, download them free here.
·Second alpha of Rumie is out, download it free here.
17th May 2012
·First alpha of Rumie is out, download it free here.
16th February 2012
·New version of Tamarilo v1.98 is out, download it free here.
23rd January 2012
·Update for bitTerGrape from v0.03.1 to v0.03.2 released, download it free here.
8th December 2011
·Update for encopy from 4.72 to 4.73 released, download it free here.
·Stable version bitTerGrape v0.03.1 released, download it here.
15th September 2011
·New version of Rumie v1.28 released, in several different language versions, download it free here.
·Our product dustbin is not supported anymore.
15th June 2011
·New beta of bitTerGrape (v0.02.12) released, you can read log, and download it free here.
·Rest of our project are more or less frozen.
·Development of project dustbin is stopped completly for now.
·Update of encopy should be out in less than three months.
·Also update for Rumie is expected but date is not sure.
·Web design changed again.
15th December 2010
·New version of Rumie v1.27 was released, read log, download it free.
·Also update for dustbin, to version v1.491 (in several language versions), released to free download.
2nd December 2010
·Update for dustbin, to version v1.49, released to free download.
16th November 2010
·First public beta for bitTerGrape, version v0.02.6, released. Download it free here.
·Web is now under reconstruction, this new design is expected to be finished next month.
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